Chiropractic helps your Perception of Reality to be more Accurate

This episode follows our post called Is your Perception of Reality Really Accurate?

This ‘perception of reality’ comes from a collection of information from the body- specifically, it is PROPRIOCEPTION information from muscles and tendons (or position-sense information). This allows the brain to understand where the body is in space at any one time.

Spinal Function and your Wanaka Chiropractor

This short video explains the importance of accuracy of this position-sense information (PROPRIOCEPTION), and how Chiropractic Care can improve this.

As we talk about regularly in the office, if your brain isn’t accurately aware of where your body is in space, then it makes it difficult to make the most appropriate choices for movement responses in any given situation.

This can lead to clumsiness (similar to that seen with dyspraxia), being ‘injury-prone’, poor concentration, and difficulty maintaining balance. It is getting that drink to your mouth… without spilling any of it; stepping up over that kerb…. without tripping over; and maintaining your balance as you age.

Chiropractic Care restores optimal movement to your body’s joints, improving the quality of proprioception information to the brain.

In later posts, we will look at how Chiropractic Care also impacts on other parts of the brain (not only proprioception). This includes looking at the Prefrontal Cortex and the Cerebellum.

Watch out for our next post- on Chiropractic Techniques- to see some different ways in which your Chiropractor may help you when you go for an appointment.