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Interested in natural movement, better posture, and a stronger, more flexible body?

Enter Chiro Connect. Supporting Health, Strength and Vitality in all forms, we promote barefoot walking and running as much as possible. Wearing barefoot shoes allows you to experience the sensory feedback of being barefoot, with the security of protection from cuts and the weather. This both strengthens your feet, and supports better neurological feedback, allowing for more skilful movement. 


Chiro Connect have joined with VIVOBAREFOOT to encourage people back to healthy movement, from the feet up. We aim to help your body and brain connect at it's best, promoting Health, Strength and Vitality.

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Why VIVOs?

VIVOBAREFOOT make some of the best barefoot shoes in the world. With a range covering every day footwear, kids footwear, and off road footwear, VIVOBAREFOOT has something for everyone.

Check out this video on why barefoot shoes are the best things for your kids:

VIVOBAREFOOT is for everyone, everyday, and we recommend you walk before you run. (Read below for more information).


The human brain constructs complex movement patterns by adding simpler movement patterns together. This can be seen as human infants progressively learn to creep, crawl, sit, stand and eventually walk. These movement patterns are called ‘motor skill milestones’ and must develop sequentially, each stage built upon the skills developed in the previous one. 

Walk Barefoot

Each movement should be performed with the barefoot human movement philosophy firmly in mind: Efficient, injury free movement is built on a foundation of correct posture, rhythm and adequate sensory feedback of environment. So whenever you are running barefoot, in minimalist shoes or any type of shoes for that matter, make sure you keep the fundamental movement checklist in mind. 



Walking around barefoot begins to reconnect your brain with the sensory information coming from the soles of your feet. A relatively simple motor skill that tests the brain and body.

This is the stimulation of proprioception- you will have heard your Chiropractor talk about this!




Squat Barefoot

Perfecting the squat is essential for correct posture and good flexibility. Squatting little and often will provide the brain and body with the vital ability and information needed for skilful movement.

Watch any four year old running barefoot round a swimming pool and you’ll see natural movement: Upright posture (head over hips over feet), quick cadence (lots of small steps) and they are probably relaxed and having fun.

Then we go to school, start sitting on chairs and wearing padded shoes, and so begins a lifetime of bad posture and movement habits.

The footwear industry is built on the assumption that you need shock absorption, motion control and lots of fancy technologies, promising all sorts of amazing benefits.

The truth is that the body and feet have all the natural shock absorbing and motion control technology you’ll ever need (just ask any animal). Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting on a pair of barefoot shoes and hoping the rest will take care of itself.

Everyone’s transition back to natural movement and strong healthy feet is different depending on lifestyle, chair and shoe use. The key to skilful movement is enabling sensory feedback from the feet to the brain. This improves your natural movement technique and begins to strengthen your feet. We recommend learning to walk before you can run; engage with the ground and slowly get to know the best technique for you to live barefoot.

All our shoes are made with our patented ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles, which allow for maximum sensory feedback and anatomic shape to let the foot and toes splay and recoil. We pride ourselves as the world’s leading provider of lifestyle and kids barefoot shoes and have an ever expanding range of shoes to suit every occasion.

Your feet have all the technology you need and your shoes should let your feet do their thing. We call it Pure Barefoot Technology.

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