5 reasons why parents take their children to a chiropractor:


1.      To improve spinal movement 

2.      To improve posture

3.      To reduce crying time in babies

4.      To improve muscle tone

5.      To improve their child's coordination and balance

Chiropractic Care is, and has been shown to be, completely safe for kids of any age.

Research shows that spinal function DOES affect brain function. It also shows that adjusting the spine DOES change brain function- both in the prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum.

If, as this research suggests, chiropractic adjustments improve prefrontal cortex activity (a part of the brain that is responsible for much higher levels of body function), then....

What does this mean in terms of chiropractic's impact on things like behaviour, learning, decision-making, memory and attention, cognitive ability, motor control, eye movements and spatial awareness?

Does this sound good for YOUR child? Make an appointment today. 

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What should you, as a parent or guardian, be looking for?

Your toddler or child may:

  • Have one shoulder blade that is higher or sticks out more than the other
  • Tilt their head to one side, have one ear higher than the other, head pokes forward
  • Walk or stand with their toes pointing together, can't bend forward and touch toes
  • Be clumsy or uncoordinated, or have learning difficulties

Your baby or toddler may:

  • Have a preference for feeding on one side
  • Tilt his head to one side when lying on his back
  • Arch her back when she cries
  • Be a poor sleeper or generally hard to settle/ cries a lot
  • Have a misshaped head
  • Be slow to lift their head, crawl, or walk
  • Be slow for night-time toilet-training


It is important to realise that chiropractic is not the cure of any condition. The purpose of chiropractic is to find and reduce causes of poor nervous system function (including the brain), allowing people to experience greater physical and neurological function and an overall improved quality of life.

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