Is Your Perception of Reality Really Accurate?

Chiro Connect Wanaka Perception

Have you ever gone to step up over a kerb and clipped your toe or stumbled, or ‘misjudged’ the depth of a step and either landed heavily or stumbled because you thought the ground was closer than it was?

This has a lot to do with how your brain and body are functioning, and how accurately they are creating a picture of where your body is in space.

This short video explains how your brain creates your perception of reality, and how- sometimes- it can be inaccurate.

An inaccurate perception of your reality can create a number of different problems, including clumsiness/ poor movement, poor concentration, and emotional overreactions.

This change in brain function can lead to a perception of great movement vs the reality of poor movement in your body. Luckily, Chiropractic Care can help.

Look out for our next blog which explains how this works!