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Nutrition and Supplements

Chiro Connect offers a range of nutritional products, including products from Metagenics, Thorne, Nordic Naturals, and grass-fed Gelatin, including: 

Vitamin D

Pregnancy Supplements

Detox and Gut Healing



Glucosamine/ Fish Oils

Some of these products are Practitioner Only, and may require prescription by your chiropractor. Ask your Chiropractor about Kinesiology Testing at your next appointment.



We provide chiropractic care for pregnant women from preconception care right through to post-birth care. We have comfy pregnancy pillows which mean you're usually able to lay on your tummy to get checked right up until full-term.

We also stock an excellent book for purchase, called 'Well Adjusted Babies'. 

Known as “the new-aged parenting bible”, this Australian best-seller features the most unique collation of cutting-edge information and research, offering holistic advice on pre-conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting!

Ask about the book when you're in the office- it makes a great gift as well!

A very special thanks to Wendy Bowie Photography for providing our fabulous photos.