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Welcome to Chiro Connect, your local Wanaka Chiropractor! Our goal is to provide holistic, functional, integrative healthcare and education to inspire our local community to achieve Health, Strength and Vitality for themselves and their families.


Welcome to Chiro Connect!

Thank you for making a step towards improving and enhancing your health, strength and vitality! This page gives you access to our New Client forms- available for you to print out at home and fill in at your convenience. Please bring this form to your appointment at our office.

If you are unable to bring the form in with you (or if you filled it in but left it at home), please arrive at least 15mins early for your appointment- whether that is a 1st appointment, a New ACC Injury Claim appointment, or a Re-Exam (over 6month gap) appointment. Thanks!!

Chiropractic care adjusts the body structure to optimise movement, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, posture and brain function.  As such, our forms are relatively in-depth and detailed, and all questions help us make decisions regarding your treatment approach. Giving us as much information about your health history as possible allows us to provide you the best care possible. Please fill in our forms with as much detail as possible- and if we haven't asked about something you think might be relevant, please add it in!


1st Appointment Form- Adult

1st Appointment Form- Child

New ACC Injury Claim

Re-Exam Form (for Appointment gaps over 6 months)


For more information on Chiropractic, please start Here :) If you have any further questions, please ask your Chiropractor.


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