Nutritional Supplements

At Chiro Connect, we believe that healthy insides are essential for a healthy mind, body and nervous system. As well as encouraging and promoting healthy eating practices, we also understand that sometimes people need a little support. You could look at this the same way you do with your body- movement and exercise are essential for good health, and sometimes, with life stresses, we need a little extra help from our Chiropractor.


Chiro Connect works with prescription of health supplements where appropriate. The advice is individual for each client, and as such, we offer a prescription based order system.

Metagenics offer an online self-order system, whereby your Chiropractor can load your prescription to your individual client login, and then you can order items yourself- getting them delivered directly to your home. Talk with your Chiropractor about health supplements if this is of interest to you, and we can set you up with your own Metagenics login if appropriate.

Chiro Connect also works with companies such as Thorne and Nordic Naturals, though these brands will need to be ordered through Chiro Connect directly.

Some items worth considering for natural supplementation include probiotics and other products for good gut health management; magnesium for muscle cramps and exercise recovery; glucosamine and fish oils for arthritis management, and natural turmeric based anti-inflammatories.

For more information, speak to your Chiropractic at Chiro Connect!